The Tartaria Tablets

The famous tables are inscribed with symbols that, at the time of their discovery, were considered to be samples of Sumerian proto-writing. Newest methods of dating them entitled some researchers to state that the tablets could represent the oldest writing in the world. Subsequent radiocarbon dating on the Tãrtãria finds pushed the date of the tablets much further back, to as long ago as 5500 BC, more than 1000 years before the first Sumerian form of writing.

Tărtăria is a rural village from Romania of 5,000 inhabitants. It is located in Transylvania in the Western area of Romania famous in roman times for its gold mines.

The tablets were found in 1961 at about 30 km from the city of Alba Iulia by Nicolae Vlassa, an archaeologist at the Cluj Museum. At the bottom of a hill in a pit filled with ash he found three inscribed but unbaked clay tablets, together with 26 clay and stone figurines and a shell bracelet, accompanied by the burnt, broken, and disarticulated bones of an adult male.

The real size of the tablets can be observed in the following photography:

The tablets can be found now at the National Transylvanian History Museum from Cluj-Napoca.

If the symbols are indeed a form of writing, then the writing in the Danubian culture would far predate the earliest Sumerian cuneiform script or Egyptian hieroglyphs. They would thus be the world's earliest known form of writing.
This mind blowing hypothesis would revolutionize the ancient history as we know it now.

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