Chiril Village - A corner of heaven

Placed on the Chiril valley, the village with the same name is a little corner of heaven.

Situated at an altitude of 740 meters, the village is a starting point for some of the climbing routes on the Rarau mountain.

From Chiril you can get easily to Vatra Dornei (24 kilometers), Zugreni lodge (5 km) Lady's Rocks and Rarau Hotel by climbing on the mountain.

Bistrita river crosses the village along with the road.

The houses are made of wood, with stone foundation.

There are some guesthouses where you can stay for prices around 20€ for a room per night.
The conditions are very good and they can provide meals too.

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Dia Ungureanu said...

De mult tot visez sa ajung si pe acolo, in acel colt de tara. Pozele tale ma conving acum si mai mult ca trebuie sa fac cumva sa ajung anul asta!

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